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Built Tough in the Wasatch

Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, Ut

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We live in the mountains, all that we enjoy takes us away from the comforts and safety of society, the risks are understood yet taken day in and day out, we wouldn't have it any other way. But in those cases of emergency, we are all that we have, so now is the time for the acquisition of knowledge, learn some first aid, it may save a life.



Based on our deep rooted love of the outdoors we at Built Tough in the Wasatch do all that we can to decrease our carbon footprint as well as reducing, reusing, and recycling. In terms of reduction, the packing of ones first aid kit must be done in a methodical manner to ensure organization, but also so that you know what you need when you need it. Instead of buying a new kit when supplies run low we offer the contents without the bottle housing as a means of replenishing supplies. Reducing, when available we offer first aid kits housed in repurposed bottles, we are of course, very selective and closely inspect each individual bottle to ensure a water tight seal and that in no way has the structural integrity been compromised, these bottles are then sterilized and put into use. Recycling, all shipping is done in a minimalist fashion but we please ask that you do your part and recycle (or reuse) all that you can.